Lafayette Aviators vs. Johnstown Mill Rats Part Two

Another Lafayette Aviators Game

Thursday night was so much fun that I went back to Loeb Stadium for another game on Friday. I knew going in that it would be hard to match the great ending of Thursday’s game. Multiple runs in both the eighth and ninth innings to walk it off. It would still be fun to enjoy a nice night and some baseball.

The Fun Of Summer League Baseball

When you start out as a photographer you just want to photograph the biggest events. What you find as you do that though is that the higher you get the more restrictions that you have. Here in a league like this you can get out and make the photos that you want to make. As the summer goes on I hope to show off some of that freedom. Here this photo was made because of the great light. For some reason though I always like these night images in black and white. I had a thought of just making the whole summer black and white, but of course night one had the great sunset and that though was immediately thrown out.

Ace Having A Ball

Here Ace was having a good time in between innings. It can’t be comfortable being Ace in the summer, but he pulls it off very well.

More Photos From The Game

Here is a link to my gallery from the game. I did not do as much of the action as I normally would. I have some fun trying to put the ballpark in more photos and just walking around to see what works.

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