The Pine Siskin Visits The Backyard

A New Visitor To My Backyard

A few years ago before I really started making bird photos I started a feature on here called my backyard birds. It was really just a few birds that I would see. Over the years the amount of birds in my backyard has grown as I have tried to lure them here with some different features for them to take advantage of. One bird that seemed to never show up was the pine siskin. These last couple of weeks though I have had plenty to choose from in my backyard.

Variety Is Nice

I have had single birds that I rarely see show up in the backyard. Those are nice encounters, but you need a lot of luck for them to land in the right place. When you have ten or so birds like the sickens here your chances of the luck goes way up. Hopefully they stick around another couple of weeks and I can make even more photos of them. Below are a couple of bonus photos from the last few days.

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