A Quick Look At A Prothonotary Warbler

Getting A Few Seconds With A Prothonotary Warbler

On Saturday I was looking at the bay-breasted warblers that made it into yesterday’s post when another photographer showed me a photo that they had made just down the trail. Rarely does it work out when you chase that bird, but I was getting ready to leave anyway so why not? I didn’t find the bird that they saw, but I did stumble upon this prothonotary warbler along the water. The lighting was not ideal, but I only encounter these birds a couple of times a year so any time is a good time to see them.

Making The Most Of The Backlit Situation

As I said above the light was not what I would have hoped for, but I tried to make the most of the situation. I made the photo at the top of the post, and then slid over a few feet to try and get more of the tree in the background to limit the white spots in my photo. The bird changed position, but I still was able to make a decent photo of it before it flew away.

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