Duets At The Celery Bog

Tree Swallows At The Celery Bog

These two swallows were talking to each other for quite a while on top of this stump on Sunday. A lot of photographers including me usually look at this like the swallows are arguing. On Sunday I wondered if they were singing a duet. That sounds much better than the alternative. What song do you think that they were singing?

Waiting For The Moment

I was in a familiar spot on Sunday waiting for a warbler to come to a blooming tree. That never happened but I kept my eye on this stump knowing that at some point the swallows would land on it. My patience was rewarded when these two did land on the stump. I think that I have made a swallow photo at this location every year that I have been at the bog. I can now check 2021 off of that list.

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