A Little Baseball And Good Light

Running Down The Street For A Good Photo

Last night I heard the sounds of Bob Warn Field from my house. The light looked good so I went down there to make some baseball photos. I had one idea in mind, and the pitcher on the mound for West Lafayette was probably the perfect player for that photo. The long lighter colored hair looks great backlit.

Making One Photo

I went down to the park with one photo in mind. I quickly went into game coverage mode without really thinking about it. I missed a photo in great light because I wanted something for game coverage. When I am just out for fun I need to get better about making more photos for me instead of what I normally do which is game coverage. When I got home I looked at the files from the game and I really had no real interest in editing them all. I had the photo that I went for so the rest of the game files just went straight to my backup devices. The night before I spent three hours at the game and an hour editing. I decided that my Friday night would be more for me. The normal gallery post will probably not happen from this game. It feels weird to go to a game and just post one photo from it, but also kind of freeing.

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