Great Luck And A Great Catch

A Great Blue Heron With A Nice Catch

Yesterday out at the Celery Bog I was sitting on my bench thinking that a photo that I had made of a couple of tree swallows was going to be the photo of the day. Out of nowhere a great blue heron swooped in and landed not too far away from me. It stood there giving me a couple of nice portraits of it. Then it dove into the water and grabbed a fish. It proudly displayed the fish before flipping it to go down the hatch. It was fun to see, and very lucky that I was there when it happened.

Getting Lucky

I have always said that luck at the Celery Bog comes with time. I have not been able to spend as much time out there lately so the luck isn’t always there. Saturday morning though I couldn’t have been in a better spot. I love it when that happens. Below are a few other photos from my brief encounter with the heron.

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