West Lafayette Baseball vs. Harrison

Watching Two Local Teams Duke It Out

Last night I drove down the street to the baseball field in my neighborhood. I wanted to see two local high schools battle it out. It is amazing how close these two play to each other so the drive is not far for either team when they visit the other one.

The Homer

Not long after I walked up to the field one of the Harrison players hit a three run homer. I had just gotten into position and I was able to get the ball just off the bat as well as the celebration. I always love it when you make photos that you like early in the game. The pressure is then off and you can just have fun for a while.

Plays At Second

Last night I think that I saw more plays at second base clearly than I have all year. For most of the year I have been blocked by someone for the plays. Last night was a case of right place at the right time over and over.

Good Light For One Pitch

At one point late in the game I had thought about leaving. The light was gone, and the emotion was also kind of gone from the game. I was just kind of sitting on the bleachers thinking about what to do when the sun came out. It was only for one pitch, but I was able to move over quickly and catch it rim lighting this pitcher. It went away as quickly as it came, but the game was ending anyway so it was for the best.

Add Another Local Team To The List

This year I had the crazy thought that with no midweek games at Purdue that I would visit all of the local high school fields. I had already visited Bob Friend a few days earlier, but the chance to see these two teams play brought me back. So far this year I have had a cool run of teams that I have seen. Each game has kind of linked to the last. I saw Jeff and CC play to start the year. Then CC and Twin Lakes play. Twin Lakes came to West Side on Tuesday, and of course now the Harrison game against West Lafayette. If I keep the streak going Harrison will be the next team that I see play. They do play at home on Tuesday, but I had already planned on seeing CC and West Side play that night. The next game I go to may end up being a game time decision.

Gallery From The Game

After being a day or two behind in posting the galleries to this site during the week I decided to upload the gallery last night after the game. I have always had the photos up on my SmugMug site the day of the game, but getting the blog post out early seemed to help it out a little. Maybe that is the path going forward. Here is the gallery from last night.

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