Purdue Defeats Iowa On A Beautiful Saturday Afternoon

Purdue Breaks Out The Bats To Defeat Iowa

Saturday afternoon was an amazing day to catch a baseball game. The weather was perfect, and the Purdue bats were ready to go. I love the picture above for a couple of reasons. You have the emotion of the moment, but you also have fans in the stands. Fans add so much to the sports experience. It has been great to hear them cheer on Purdue over these last couple of weekends.

It’s Been Too Long

It has been a while since I saw the outfield victory celebration for Purdue. The previous Saturday the team won on a walk off so I had that to photograph. I still have an idea for this celebration that would require field access. Someday we will get there.

Back In Black

Out of the weekend uniform combinations this one was my least favorite when it was announced. Now though this is the uniform that the team has won both times so it is quickly growing on me.

Go The Distance

When Mike Bolton Jr. is on the base paths you know that something fun is about to happen. He is super fast and watching him reminds me a bit like watching Scott Podsednik in 2005. You know he is going to steal, you just don’t know what pitch. Here you see a little sequence of him swiping second base.

Baseball In The Bubble

I only made one bubble photo on Saturday. Things were just not working in my favor to get one. Calvin pictured above gave me a couple of much better photos on Sunday that you will see tomorrow.

A Slam Dunk

The last couple of weekends I have seen some pretty cool home run celebrations by the opposing team. It is something how these things are choreographed. This dunking celebration was something that I was only seeing from up close and to the side until late in game two. I had a good view right into the celebration here to make an interesting photo.

More Photos From The Game

This was a fun game to cover. Here are some bonus photos from a beautiful afternoon.

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