Purdue Soccer Battles Indiana To A Draw

Purdue And Indiana Battle To A Draw

Last night I went out to Folk Field hoping to photograph a sunset and the golden boot. I was able to do both, but after two overtimes. You really have to admire the athleticism of these students. They ran up and down that field battling until the final horn. You could see the exhaustion as they just stayed right where they were when the horn sounded. This is a rough sport and to have two extra periods tacked on to it is something else.

Folk Field Sunsets

I have waited a year and a half to photograph another Folk Field sunset. It was not the sunset that I was hoping for earlier in the week, but this is still a fun place to make photos as the light fades.

Going Against The Light

On Friday night I was photographing baseball with the light. Last night I was not the official photographer so I could play around a little. Photographing into the light is not something to do if you want a lot of keepers, but it is a fun way to make some different images.

More Images From The Match

Here are a few bonus images from my time at Folk Field Saturday night.

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