Spending Easter Sunday With Purdue Baseball

Spending An Hour With Purdue Baseball

On Sunday I wanted to photograph some baseball on a great day. My Easter Sunday schedule left me with about an hour at the ballpark to make some photos. I took it as a challenge to make at least ten solid images in that hour. Sometimes baseball isn’t kind and the action is just not there in the hour. The challenge was to find things to make that ten image goal. In the end I think that I accomplished my mission which is always good.

Baseball Inside The Bubble

Are you getting tired of bubble photos yet? I really am not. It is a fun way to make photos in between plays. At one point on Sunday two players were blowing bubbles next to each other on the bench, but I kept getting blocked. It is good to see others picking up the hobby as it gives me more opportunities to have some fun. Here I had an unobstructed view of some of the fun in between batters. At some point I will tire of these photos, but not right now.

The Net

The new net installed at the stadium is both a blessing and a curse. I love it when I am making photos close to it of the fielders. I am usually not looking at the batter at all, and certainly not in any way to get out of the way of a line drive. For a photo like the one above though it leaves me a little unhappy. This would have been my favorite photo of the day, but I was too far away from the net in relation to the player.

Wear It

One of the things that was so fun about this team in the fall of 2019 was how excited they were to be hit by the pitch. They really want to get on base any way that they can. Here is a prime example of that. This is probably the best spot to get hit by a pitch as well.

Figuring Out The P

I have been having fun trying to find ways to include the large Purdue P on the batters eye into photos. I have some ideas from the field level, but it is much harder from the stands. When I saw where Skyler Hunter was going to catch this fly ball I decided to quickly zoom out to try and get it all in the frame. This would be a great backdrop for a Willie Mays basket catch.

More Photos From The Game

Here are a few bonus photos from a fun time at the park on Sunday. This wrapped up a fun span where I saw seven baseball games in the span of ten days. After not seeing live baseball for so long it was great to be back out at the park. It will be a couple of weeks before the boys are back at Alexander, but I will be waiting for them.

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