Opening Night At The New Loeb Stadium

The New Loeb Stadium Opens

If you read this blog then you know how much I loved the old Loeb Stadium. The light was great and of course the dirt on the field was great as well. It would take a few minutes for the dust to settle after a play, and that is when the photos could be made. After a few minutes in the new stadium I was already hooked on it. By the time the game was over I knew that I would be back sooner rather than later. It really is well thought out, and it should provide many years of memories for this community.

Starting Out With The Dedication

I got to the stadium a couple of hours before the game was to start to watch the official dedication of the new Loeb Stadium. This was also a good chance to see the stadium and to scout out some photo positions for later.

“Spider” Fields

One of the true highlights of the day was seeing Paul “Spider” Fields throw out the first pitch. Spider is a Lafayette legend and a throwback to an era with the best nicknames ever.

Chasing The Light

Early on in the game the batters box was completely in the shade. There are ways to make photos there, but I chose to ignore the batters until the light evened out. I was not covering the game for every bit of action so I could go where the light led me. Here I saw that the pitcher would look great from the front with the batter in the shade. I found a seat where I could make that photo, and it did not disappoint.

The New Park

This park is very similar to the ballpark in Kokomo where I made pictures several years ago. It looks great, and will provide fun for years to come. We had a magical last Aviators season in the old park a couple of years ago. Maybe we can repeat that run here at the new Loeb.

Blue Hour Fun

With the great lighting of the park it makes the blue hour photos look even better. Here is one from the night that shows that off a bit. Part of the fun of a new park is finding new angles and locations to make you photos from.

The First Pitch

Whenever something cool is happening I like to try and put the scoreboard in the background to document it. If you are tight on the pitcher it could be any pitch of the game. Having that little sliver of a scoreboard in the background lets you know that it is the first pitch of the game.

More Photos From The Game

Below are a few favorite photos from the game last night. You can see my full gallery here as well. With no midweek college games this year I have decided to try and visit all of the local high school stadiums. Next week if all goes according to plan I will see Central Catholic play again at their park. It looks very photogenic so it was a good choice for the next to visit. I am not done making photos at Loeb for this year though. Enjoy the first of what I hope will be many photos made there here.

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