Purdue Baseball Closes Out Their Series Against Rutgers

The First Home Weekend Of The Season Comes To A Close

Man this weekend was a long time coming. Last year I was dying to get my turn to photograph baseball, and then the day before I was going to everything came to a stop. The baseball that was played did not include me so it was a long time without seeing the game that I love in person. This is such a fun game and I am glad that I have it back in my life. By the time this post goes live it will already be another game day as I will be at the opening of the new Loeb Stadium tonight. I have a lot of lost time to make up for so I plan on making as many baseball photos this year as I can.

More Time In The Bubble

I am not going to say that I picked my starting position on Sunday just to make a Tyler Powers bubble photo, but it didn’t hurt in making that decision. At its heart baseball is a kids game, and moments like this remind you of how much fun you can have while doing it. I am still working on a Calvin Schapira bubble photo, but things just never come together for that one. If you ever wonder what I am doing in between plays during a game this or something like it is probably the answer.

A Strike To First

Sometimes you get lucky. I had a feeling a throw to first was coming so I had my camera there ready to make the classic photo of the ball just before it hits the mitt. I kept photographing through that though and I was happy to see that the ball was placed perfectly and the runner was out. I love how close this play was and that the photo shows you that. Baseball is such a great sport because of the timing. Everything seems set up for close plays all over. This is just one example of that.

Time For A Selfie

The Rutgers home run celebration was a fun one. On Friday I was way too close to the action to see it. Here I lucked out while I was making bubble photos to be able to photograph right into this celebration.


I used to keep score at every game that I attended. When I started making photos from my seat at games I could still keep score while doing it. When I am making photos in a more official capacity I just can’t do it. One of these games I will just attend and keep score just to do it again. Until then I will still look for scorecards to make photos of. I love the way that they break up a gallery. The title of the clipboard though makes this one of my favorite scorecard photos ever.

A Fast Man

Mike Bolton is a fast man. With him at the plate and a cloudy sky I knew that I could make a panning photo of him. He laid down a bunt and used his speed to get to first base giving me a good chance at my photo. As the season goes on I assume that I will make many more of these types of photos.

Diving Right In

If you follow this blog then you know that I enjoy making photos of catchers. They usually make for good photos. I usually don’t make photos of them taking the extra base though. Here Zac Fascia does just that. I loved the slide into third base here. It may not have been necessary, but it made for a good photo.

More From The Game

This was a fun weekend. It was great to be back out at the diamond. I made more photos on Sunday than I did the two previous days for some reason. I was having some fun so maybe that is why. Here are a few more photos from the final game of the series.

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