Purdue Softball vs. Iowa

Catching Another Softball Game

It had been a long time since I had been inside of Bittinger Stadium. My last time photographing softball in there was in June of 2019. I covered an amazing high school championship game. You can read about that game here. Just 658 days later I found myself back in Bittinger Stadium again watching Purdue. My last Purdue game in the stadium was actually 721 days earlier. That is crazy to think about. I had a great time in the spring of 2019 watching the Purdue team play. It was a short but amazing season at home. I had no idea that it would be so long before I could watch them play again.

Bittinger Looking Great

Saturday was a beautiful day. As the team was lining up for the anthem I decided to grab my wide angle and run behind home plate. These are the days that you think about in the winter to get through. A beautiful sunny day watching a game. It was all that I hoped that it would be.

Missing The Softball Energy

One great thing about softball is the energy that it is played with. Early in the first inning I was reminded of how great that was when Cora Bassett gave me some great emotion. These are the reasons that I go out to make photos.

More Photos From The Game

I only stayed a little over four innings of the game. Of course right after I left Purdue homered. That is usually how things are. I felt bad that these games were put right up against baseball all weekend. In a couple of weeks when Indiana comes to town they will have the stage all to themselves. I look forward to making many softball images that weekend.

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