Photographing The State Championship Softball Games

Capturing The Emotion Of The 2019 IHSAA Softball Tournament

On Saturday I was able to be a part of the 2019 IHSAA softball tournament at Bittinger Stadium. Last year I watched parts of the games from afar, but this year I had an assignment to be inside to capture some of the emotion. I got to game one just in time to watch the final out and see the emotion. Of course I photographed it. These are the moments that these young ladies work for all season long. It is great to get to photograph that elation after realizing their dreams.

The Winning Hit

This was more than a winning hit, but it still was the hit that won the game. I couldn’t think of a better person on the team to get it either. Here I was lucky enough to get a little of the ball on the bat as well as a look to the outfield to see where the ball was going. If the ball was hit to right field I would probably have not gotten either of these photos. It always feels good to capture the big moments from the game.

South Bend Tribune Photo Gallery

Growing up where I did in Indiana the Tribune was a paper that you had to subscribe to. It felt really cool to get to contribute photos to the paper. They have a great staff that I assumed had no idea who I was. It was pretty cool to get the call to help them out. You can see my gallery from the game here.

The Week In Photos

Last week was sort of a break, but I still managed to shoot a lot. After two weeks on the road it was time to spend some time at home. Here are my favorite photos from last week.

Rooting For The Photo

This game had a bigger meaning than the class 2A State Title. Bremen was playing for assistant coach Jon Hershberger who is battling cancer. This is not a new fight for him, but it is one that has had extra meaning this season. Here is a great piece by the Tribune on that fight. When Jon’s daughter Rylee knocked in the two runs that would give Bremen the win I knew that it was a special game. I also knew what the photo after the game would be. For that reason I wanted Bremen to get the win. After the game everything seemed to work out for me to make a pretty good photo. Father and daughter met in the perfect place on the field, and they turned towards me. It was an emotional moment that I was proud to capture.

3 Replies to “Photographing The State Championship Softball Games”

  1. Thank you for “capturing the moment”. I LOVE the Lutheran photo. My daughter is 00 and you can truly feel the joy in this picture. I can recapture the emotion I had during the game every time I look at this picture. You have a real gift. Thank you again, Dawn Moore

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