Feeding The Owlet

Checking In On The Owls

Thursday at lunch I went out to check on the great horned owls. Since the chainsaw incident earlier in the week I have only ever seen one owlet at a time. Hopefully there are still two on the nest. One thing that I have found with these owls is that they really respond to dogs. I made this photo as a dog walker was directly in front of me. The owl really as watching the dog, and it helped me make my favorite image of this owl so far.

Feeding The Little One

I still don’t know what the owls were having for lunch. It was white and could have been a rabbit, but from as far away as I was I couldn’t see exactly what it was. At one point I thought that I maybe saw a mole foot so maybe an unlucky mole was lunch. It was still cool to be able to see this in person.

More Photos From My Trip

Below area few extra photos from my lunch trip to the Celery Bog to see the owls. I have been posting a lot of photos of these owls lately, but they are so cool and new to me. Over the next few days though this blog should start filling up with baseball photos. I am super excited for baseball season to start again. In fact I should have already made my first baseball photos in about a year and a half by the time this post goes live. I should also have my first dose of vaccine shot into my arm. Lots of exciting things happening. For now here are a few bonus photos from my short time at the bog.

2 Replies to “Feeding The Owlet”

  1. Thanks for the continued update and a few shots in color. Interesting about the dog. Still looks like only one owlet, doesn’t it? Just because baseball starts, don’t forget about those of us who love the bird and other critter shots. πŸ™‚ Great news about the shot. My parents and I both have ours and my husband gets his first on Wednesday.


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