Picking Out A New Home

Picking Out The Home That Is Right For You

Sunday morning after watching the great horned owl from the previous post I went down to the water to see what was happening down there. Right off the bat I ran into several species. I love a good bluebird photo so I went to a spot where I knew that they would at least check out. By getting ahead of the birds I was already at this tree when they showed up. That allowed me to make a photo of the two of them as they first saw a potential new home. It was not meant to be though and they moved on. By being there ahead of them I was able to make the most of the short encounter.

A Perfect Perch

The female bluebird gave me a great look at it just before she flew to the tree with the hole. The bird was close enough that I could make a nice photo and have the background blown out. It worked well with the rising sunlight as well. You don’t often run into these clean background scenarios, but when you do you make sure that you make the photo.

More Photos From My Morning

Here are a few bonus photos from my morning walk down by the water. After spending so much time with the owl up above I did not spend much time down by the water. I saw a lot though in a short period of time. If you look closely at the ring necked duck photo you can see why they are named that.

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