Twenty Minutes Well Spent

A Great Break

Tuesday afternoon was amazing. I knew that if I went to the Celery Bog that I could spend about twenty minutes there before I had to pick up my oldest from school. In wildlife photography twenty minutes is not a lot of time. I decided to give it a go though. With nothing to lose I would at least have a quick walk and a little vitamin D.

When The Walk Pays Off

I have talked about it a lot on here, but the most important aspect of wildlife photography is just being there. Things will happen if you know where to look. When I walked up to my spot there was not a lot going on. Some herons were just standing around and a goose was cleaning itself. I decided to just park it on the bench and hope that things came to me. As luck would have it some people came out of the woods a little ways away and the birds flew to me.

Is Michael Bay Directing This?

As these three ring necked ducks were coming in for a landing I couldn’t help but think that they looked like they were diving away from a blast in an 80’s movie. There is just something about the crazy way that they were coming in that made me laugh.

More Photos From My Short Time At The Bog

Below are a few bonus photos that I liked from my short time at the bog. It is really amazing at all of the activity during an off hour that I saw. The just show up theory proves itself right again. From my first to last photo of the day 23 minutes passed. It was an amazing day with some great signs all over. The turtles were out sunning, the swallows were skimming the water, and you could hear the red-winged blackbirds. All of those things mean that spring is coming quickly.

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