John Purdue In The Snow

Having Some More Fun In The Snow

A week ago I was back on campus in another snow storm. When I picked up my new lens I wanted some snow to test it out. Ten inches or more seemed excessive though. It was still fun getting out and making photos. This snow was really collecting, but wasn’t the best for my snokeh photos. There were times when it was great though and that makes freezing worth it. For this trip because of the cold I stayed near the memorial mall making photos. You have already read about my unfinished Purdue p photo a couple of days ago from this outing. For this post I thought that I would concentrate on my photos of the John Purdue statue.

Trying Some New Things

I love snokeh photos. You really only have a few chances to make the photos so I am glad that I can get out to do it. I have been trying some new things to see if I can improve them a bit. I usually go with a black and white conversion because it helps smooth out the many different light sources on campus. For this trip though I was photographing some of these scenes with a little color in mind. The golden light that the clouds reflect works well with a school with gold as a color. I played up on that editing some of the photos. I also tried a couple of different black and white edits from my trip. Below are a few of the ideas that I came up with. What do you think? Are there any that stick out to you? I like the photos with a little gold much better here. I think it just works better with the subject.

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