A Tufted Titmouse Gets A Meal

Anyone Want A Peanut?

This tufted titmouse decided that the peanuts that I put out for the blue jays were also for him. At first I thought that it was just going to look at them. Then it picked one up. Then it successfully pulled the peanut out of the shell and had a meal. It was fun to watch, and in a perfect place to document. I decided to place the full series above for you to enjoy.

A Portrait Of The Titmouse

With the titmouse this close to me it was in the perfect place to make a photo. It was just inside of the focal distance I needed to make the photo. I love it when a bird is this close to me. One of my goals for the year was to make more portraits of birds like this. I have a couple more that I will share soon. This photo just kind of went with this story.



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