The Horned Lark At Prophetstown

The Horned Lark Saves The Day

I went out yesterday to make some photos around Battleground and Prophetstown. I made a photo at the battleground that you will see tomorrow. I then made my way over to the state park to find some birds to photograph. I saw a few birds, but not many within range of my camera. I was able to go at a weird time and I knew that it would be a lot of luck to see something good. I got back into my car and was driving out of the park without a photo when I saw some horned larks on the side of the road. They really saved the day.

Making Photos Of The Horned Lark

This is a skittish bird, and the traffic was heavy for some reason yesterday. That meant that I was constantly moving in my car to keep up with these birds. If you drive up on them slow they don’t care about you and they just go about their business. The cars zipping by though make them quickly move. It really made this quite a chore, but a fun one. I love making sports and wildlife photos for that reason. It is not easy, but when you see that you nailed an image it makes it so worthwhile.

A Moment Of Behavior

When you make photos of birds you want the common pose, but then you want to capture a little behavior. When these two birds were interacting I was happy to be there to capture that moment. It is a little glimpse into their world that adds to a photo story.

A Couple More Photos From The Day

Here are a couple of more photos from my encounter. After moving a few times and using my car as a blind I let the birds go on about their business without me.

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