My Backyard Birds: Red-breasted Nuthatch

The Red-breasted Nuthatch Makes A Visit

This year the red-breasted nuthatch is back in our area. Last year I don’t think that I saw any the entire season. If you read this blog then you know that I love to photograph the white breasted nuthatch. This cousin is more elusive so of course I always want to photograph it. That little splash of red on it and the mask really makes it stand out. Of course they are super shy and don’t like their photo made as much. The other day I finally made a photo of this bird in the classic nuthatch pose. I had already tried to walk away from making photos twice that day. A pair of these beautiful birds kept me making photos a little longer in the cold and I am glad that they did.

Always Hiding

More often than not when I am trying to make photos of this bird it is hiding behind a stick. The photo above is probably the best case scenario of this happening. The stick is still in the way, but you can still see most of the bird. I liked the red-bellied woodpecker hiding out in the background.

Good Light

This bird looks best in good light. Luckily when it is here in the winter we have a much longer window of good light to make photos in. As this winter goes on I want to try and keep making photos of this bird. Who knows when it will be back again?

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