An Afternoon On The Wabash

An Amazing Afternoon On The Wabash

Yesterday I decided to head back down the Wabash to see if the eagles were there. They are only here in numbers for a limited time so you have to take advantage of it. If the water is frozen they don’t stop at all so it has been years since I saw a huge group of eagles together. That all changed yesterday. As I was driving down Happy Hollow road I could see eagles in the air. That was a very good sign. As I pulled up to the water I could see eagles everywhere. It was truly a sight. At times there had to be over twenty there. More eagles means more chances for photos which is always good.

Don’t Forget About The Herons

Probably my most photographed bird over the course of the year is the great blue heron. This year I had not made any photos of a heron. I had seen a few, but never in a good position to be photographed. This one gave me a great flyover right when I got out of my car. Later I would see an amazing number of herons flying down the river in a huge group. This was the close encounter though and a very cool one.

A Ring-billed Gull Flies By

I normally do not make many gull photos. Here though it was good practice for when an eagle would take flight. This gull was coming closer and closer to me making it very easy to make close up photos of it.

The Gull Turns Alpha

At one point I saw an immature eagle and the gull flying around each other. My first thought was that the eagle was chasing the gull out of the area. It turned out to be just the opposite. The gull kept dive bombing the eagle and was being very vocal with it. It was quite a sight to see.

Fly Over There

As the light was getting lower and lower a nice dark area started to form across the pond. If a bird would fly in front of that area it would be an amazing background. I kept hoping for it to happen. Then this eagle grabbed a fish going away from me and flew right through the zone I wanted it too! I love it when things work out.

Travel Arguments

Most of these eagles are in the process of migrating south. I was having too much fun thinking about the argument these two were having. Was she mad that he took a wrong turn and it took to long to get here? The look on the face of the eagle being screeched at is too good though.

Framing It Up

With so many eagles I wanted to make a photo with one in the foreground and one in the background. The thing is that they rarely seemed to fly on the same plane to allow that to happen. I did get lucky early on though to make this photo.

Head On

This post led off with a photo of an eagle head on. This gull gave me the same view as well. There is something amazing realizing that the bird is flying right at you. The gull you know will eventually turn. The eagle is the bird that you start hoping will turn.

The Bright Side

On my way home I realized how lucky I just was to see all of these birds in one spot. I spent a little over an hour with them, and made some photos that I really liked. Later on I realized that Purdue had a home game that started at 6:30. In a normal world I would have been in Mackey to photograph the game and I would have missed this completely. Being shut out of sports has some advantages. I need to spend the rest of this year taking advantage of those a lot more.

More Photos From The Day

That was really fun. I love being able to make these long posts. In the winter when the sky and weather do not always cooperate I usually hang on to photos a little longer to keep the blog going. Luckily I have a few posts ready to go if I need it so I can show the whole day in one post. Here are a few bonus photos from the day.

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