Talking Heads

The Road To Nowhere

Last night I went down to campus to photograph some more snokeh. The forecast looked good for some good snow. It was already starting, and it looked like it would stay for a while. Of course by the time that I made it up to campus the snow stopped. I thought about just going home, but I decided to go for a late night walk. I ended up in front of Pao Hall looking at the large talking heads. The Brickhead Conversations sculptures need to get more attention from me. I thought that they would be perfect for snokeh, but that is for another day.

Wild, Wild Life

At first the cloud filled sky was not adding anything to my photos. Then the clouds started to break up and they seemed to be flying by. I decided to slow my shutter speed down to show that motion. At the end of the day I had a photo that I did not expect to make when I went up to campus, but one that I liked.

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