A Mackey Arena Snow Globe

Mackey In The Snow

Last night as everyone was going to bed it started snowing. Looking at the radar I realized that I had about an hour to go and make photos. I picked this small area of campus because I can get there the fastest, and I really had not photographed them yet this year. This is a view that I really like of Mackey. I use it often and probably for a snokeh photo in the past. It is still a good place to get an overall view of Mackey.

Staying Away

Another reason I went up to this part of campus is that I really had not been there yet this year. I have been purposely staying away for obvious reasons. In fact until last night I didn’t even know this huge Protect Purdue banner was up. Last March things dried up for me as a sports photographer. I have noticed that I have purposely stopped paying attention to Purdue sports just to save myself. I stumbled upon the game today and immediately felt bad. It is weird to have no role in any sports. At my age the clock is ticking to get this sports photography thing off of the ground. This virus may have just grounded it. I do like this little corridor though so I walked down and made a photo of it. Until I can make photos inside of the building I might as well make a few outside of it.

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