A Different Kind Of Saturday Night Out At Purdue

Going Out For The Night At Purdue

Many years ago during the age of the beeper going out would have meant a night at TA Tom’s or Pete’s. Maybe just hanging out at a friends house. Now I am older and usually in bed when I would have been going out in the past. Early this morning was different though. I knew a good snow was coming, and the temps around freezing meant that the conditions could be right for some snokeh images. I love these images so I stayed up waiting for the snow to start. Shortly after midnight it did so I made my way up to campus.

Love The Heart

When my little one saw this photo she saw the heart that formed just over the Purdue part of the gate. I have been watching way too much Bob Ross lately not to call that a happy accident. The randomness of the bokeh is what makes these photo sessions so much fun.

Links, Links, Links

You can read more about how I make snokeh photos here. I wrote up a little post explaining how you can make these snow globe photos too. I also released my best of 2020 post for the Purdue campus today. If you want to see that post you can click here. It was a fun year making photos on campus with comets, start trails, and even some lightning.

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