One Year After Adoption

A Year Ago Today

One year ago today my family made the poor decision. They sent me to the local shelter to take a look at a dog. I was supposed to just look and then come home and report back once everyone was home. Of course 23 minutes after the shelter opened their doors I sent my wife a text showing the dog going home with me. Max was so loving and good natured that I knew I couldn’t wait to get permission. I adopted him on the spot. He has now spent a year with us. It has been a fun year with this crazy dog helping us get used to this stay at home thing. I can only imagine how happy he is that the humans are home almost all of the time. When things get back to normal he will have a lot to get used to.

You Can Help Too

Any time of year you can help by donating money or supplies to one of your local shelters. Right now our local camera store Camera Outfitters is celebrating their business anniversary by having a food drive for Natalie’s Second Chance Shelter. If you can it would be great to donate to them in honor of a local business.

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