Thank You!

Two Easy Words To Say

Today my youngest and I were part of an amazing experience. Her class at school decided to be part of the Veteran’s Day parade at the soldiers home here in town. We bought some window markers and some flags for our car and we decorated it for the special day. Seeing the looks on the faces of the men as we said hi and thank you to them was something that I will never forget. My daughter is part of e-learning right now. I pretty much see and hear everything that they talk about. One concept that I hear a lot is filling other peoples buckets. Today we filled a lot of peoples buckets. In a perfect world we would all be doing that every day.

Be A Bucket Filler

These are the words that my daughter says every morning when reciting the class rules. They are good ones to live by. When I first moved back to West Lafayette nearly a decade ago I worked as a manager at an assisted living community. One thing that I quickly learned was that we had men and women walking around that had done amazing things. The stories that these men carried from the war showed just how brave they were. Ever since that time I have made a point to always say thank you to anyone wearing a military hat or something showing me that they served. At sporting events I don’t make a big deal out of it, but I make sure that I get somewhere where I can say thank you. This is a great day. We should have a day to thank those that serve to make this the great country that it is. That doesn’t mean that it has to stop today though. Thank a veteran tomorrow too. Then the next day. Then the day after that. Today seeing what I saw made me feel like I need to do even more. That is a post for another day though. For today let’s just remember to always thank those that serve now, and have served.

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