The American Goldfinch Gets A Meal

Watching The American Goldfinch

This goldfinch had spent a lot of time eating while we were watching it. This is the time of year to eat while you can do so for the birds. There are still birds moving through the area and refueling for their journey south. The local birds have to compete with them for the resources. This goldfinch found a great little source of seeds for the day that was undisturbed.

Waiting For The Moment

Yesterday after e-learning was over my daughter wanted to head out to the Celery Bog with me to watch me make a few photos. I knew that I would not be able to sit and wait like normal because a seven year old does not have that kind of attention span. We did have a good lesson with this goldfinch. It was always hiding its face from me while eating. When it finally came to a good position to see it an entire branch moved into the way. By just hanging out for a couple of extra minutes though I was able to get a clear view of the bird. A little patience can pay off. During the time of the virus we have learned all kinds of new ways to stay patient.

One Reply to “The American Goldfinch Gets A Meal”

  1. It looks so soft. 🙂 Patience is certainly a virtue that can pay off when taking bird photos. I was quite excited today as I was watching some cormorants fishing and managed to get photos of one of them trying to eat a rather large fish, drop it, and then have an egret snatch it from the water before the cormorant could get it back. Made my day.


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