More With The Eastern Phoebe At The Celery Bog

More Photos From A Great Spot

Since the virus hit my favorite place to go and be alone has turned into a place full of people. Early on I still had a few places where I could just sit and not worry about people coming up and scaring the wildlife to make an instagram photo. This is a public park, and I try not to get upset about sharing it with others. When the others are scaring the wildlife though that is when I start to take notice a little more. I made this photo at one of the last little spots that I have that has so far gone unnoticed. In fact the last bit of trail I can barely find. Part of the fun of being out there is just hanging out by myself making photos. Having a spot to do that is great. The bad part is that in the past couple of days I have shown both of the key trees or stumps that I would be making photos at. I guess it is all about making the picture for the next few weeks. When it gets colder I think that I will have the trails more to myself again.

A Different Angle

Normally I would talk in this part of the post about how getting lower like in the photo at the top of the post made the photo better. I really do like the photo that I made from a standing position as well as the photo that I made from the lower angle. When I came out of the trees at the waters edge I saw this Eastern Phoebe on the stump. I made a quick photo to make sure that I had something. This is usually the process when I stumble into a scene. You make the safety photo and then work the scene to get what ends up on the blog. In my mind I still like the photo from the lower angle better. This one from a standing position though has the reflection of the fall foliage in the water. The colored bokeh shapes are pretty interesting. I may have one more shot this weekend to make some of these types of photos. Hopefully the water is calm and I get lucky with some subjects in the water.

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