Tickets Please

When Will Tickets Be Sold Again?

When I made this picture in March I had some joke about tickets being on sale again when Hell froze over. Little did I know that it might be a possibility. At this point in March I was thinking that it would just be a couple of months before sports would be back. I thought the summer baseball season would still be a possibility. Now we are playing sports in a bubble. That is great to be able to watch sports on TV, but I really do not enjoy that. I love being at the game and a part of the event. I have always said on here that I would rather be photographing any level of sports than watching it on TV. At this rate though I don’t see sports for the general public happening for a while. As we transition to indoor sports the restrictions will tighten up even more. My only hope for sanity is that things will be better by the time the outdoor spring sports start back up.

Enjoy What You Have

As I walked off the court after the last game in Mackey I wrote my yearly sappy post about how I hope that I can do it all again. I usually get messages from people when I write that saying things like I do good work. That I will be back for sure. What this year has taught me though is how insignificant what I do is in the grand scheme of things. I don’t write this for pity or anything like that. I write this to point out that we can all get better. I need to get better at marketing myself. I am terrible at that part of this game. I just want to make photos. As I sit at home while others are making photos though I realize that there is more to this business than just putting in the work to make better photos. Who knows how this will all end up? I am glad that I took that extra couple of minutes to look around before I left the court in March. Who knows when I will be there again.

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