An Eastern Phoebe At The Celery Bog

Heading Out To Make Some Photos

Just before the Purdue game started today I decided to head out to make some photos of my own. I knew that I could not sit there and watch the game. It has been so long since I have been to the Celery Bog I really did not know what to expect.  What I found is that the place looks so different. People enjoying nature have been blazing new trails through places where I used to make bird photos. It is amazing what a few people can do to a place. You can enjoy nature without destroying it. At the end of my trip I went to where the owl had been to find a clearly defined trail going right up to the base of the tree the owl had been in. I don’t know what photo you are going for standing under the tree, but it will scare the owl away. It is too bad that we can’t have nice things.

The Ultimate End To The Trip

As I was waiting/looking for the owl I had another photographer come up to me and ask me to get off the trail. They explain that they were a professional on a photoshoot. Of course I was in my spot first, but as I thought about it I really couldn’t throw the professional tag back at them. I haven’t really worked a gig since March. I still didn’t leave my spot, but it really threw salt on the wound of a bad day. I love making sports photos. It is my passion and what I want to do. What I have been finding out though is that the freelance route is not the way to go. You really don’t belong anywhere. I doubt another global pandemic will come along anytime soon, but it is past time to find somewhere to call ‘home.’ I just want to make photos. I am a good team player. I don’t need to be the star, but I have found lately that I am not good just sitting on the bench. Put me in coach.

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  1. Since the pandemic began, I’m torn between thinking it’s a good thing that more people are enjoying the trails, and noticing there are really too many people. They have just as much right to be there as I do, but I think maybe there’s been some negative impact on wildlife.

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