My Backyard Birds: The Carolina Wren

The Carolina Wren Makes A Visit To My Backyard

This has been a week full of birds visiting the backyard. A red tailed hawk had made a visit just prior to me finding this Carolina Wren on the fence. I didn’t have a camera out and ready for the hawk, but looking for the hawk a few minutes later let me see this wren on the fence. This is a bird that I don’t typically get a good view of with a nice background so even though I didn’t make the photo of the hawk it led to another photo.

When Is A Good Background Not Good Enough?

Most of the year I would kill for this as my background. A nice green background far out of focus is hard to beat. Here though there was a tree just out of frame that was in full color. It could have been an amazing background. I made these photos before venturing off of my deck to make the photo. This is a great background, but as usual the photographer wanted more.

One Reply to “My Backyard Birds: The Carolina Wren”

  1. That’s a cutie. I’m not anywhere near a professional photographer but I certainly understand the wanting more. Recently I saw both a spoonbill and an osprey at the Preserve, a first for me and in the case of the spoonbill, a not-often-seen sighting. One of the other photographers there, a birder with one of those lovely, long lenses, said he’d gotten photos an osprey catching and eating a large fish. I was happy enough not to be jealous, but that would be cool. 🙂


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