Tyler Leads The Way

Watching Tyler Glasnow On The Big Stage

Tonight it was super cool to see Tyler Glasnow start game one of the World Series. Luck put me at Victory Field to cover Tyler’s first Triple A start. After that I was lucky enough to see him pitch a few more times. It is always cool to see people who were so nice in the minors doing well in the pros. With this series I really have not picked a team to root for yet. There are players on both sides that I want to see do well. Maybe I just hope for a great seven game series to keep this season going as long as it can go.

Watching From The Outside

Since March this has sort of been what I have been doing. Just watching from the outside. After a few years of being on the inside and being in on the action that has not been the easiest thing to do. In fact I have gone to just listening to most sports through the radio feed to take the visual out of the equation for me. When I am watching a game I am thinking about photography too much. Listening to the games lets me enjoy things even more. Today I officially found out what I have known for a long time. I will not be in Ross Ade Stadium this year. I will probably take the same approach on Saturdays and just listen to the games. At least with football I was able to make photos at one game this year. I can’t believe that I will get through this entire year without making a single baseball photo. I may climb the fence at Alexander next week and just make a couple of photos just to say that I did. If you see a fat guy on the wall for the Gold and Black series then you know it was me.

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