Fall At Ross Ade Stadium

A Beautiful Fall Day At Ross Ade Stadium

Sunday I went for a drive up to Ross Ade Stadium to see just how good it was looking with the leaves turning. It is amazing how busy you can be when not working, but with everything else going on this was my first chance to head up there this fall. I was right on time for some of the trees though. A few were in peak color making it easy to make some nice photos. With a few rainy days ahead this might have been the one day to make photos. I am glad that I made it out.

This Football Season

Earlier today I posted my thoughts on heading to Ross Ade Stadium for 25 years. This year things will be much different. In fact I don’t think that I will actually be inside this year. As I write this I have a credential request in, but I fully expect to be denied. With the virus doing its thing in increasing numbers I don’t know how we will get in safely for us and the players. They could have a photography section in the stands I suppose, but I don’t see that happening. Every year I talk about how lucky I am to get to do what I do. I don’t ever take it for granted. Times like these though make sure that you know how good things can be. You learn to appreciate those things even more if that is possible.

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