Change Of Plans

Changing Things Up

This year has definitely been the year of changing plans at the last minute. Sunday I went to campus to make some fall foliage photos. When I saw the way that the sun was hitting this sign I knew that it would look good in black and white. I went up there to capture the fall color and the first photo I made was in black and white. That pretty much sums up this year. You have an idea, and then everything changes on a dime. Rolling with those changes is the key to photography, and it is the key to getting through this year with any sanity.

A Weird Time

This is such a weird time. Here we are in late October talking about the first football game of the season. Even crazier is the fact that so few people will be able to see it in person. This is not how anyone wants it to happen. Trust me the athletic department wants to show off that new scoreboard and this team. I would love to be inside the stadium on game day. Even when I was out of state I still made it back for at least one game a year. This will be the first year since 1994 that I have not seen the Boilers play in person. Instead of worrying about a dumb streak though it is time to find the next thing to photograph. Just like on this trip to campus. Things didn’t go according to plan, but they still ended up pretty good.

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