25 Years Of Football At Ross Ade Stadium

Celebrating My Time In Ross Ade Stadium

In November it will be twenty five years since I first set foot inside of Ross Ade Stadium. I came down to campus with some friends who would attend college here the next year. I had never been to Purdue before that. We came down to see some guy named Alstott take on Northwestern. Things did not go Purdue’s way that game, but I really had a good time watching Purdue. The next season I bought a couple of tickets through the Purdue extension up north, and by the next season I had season tickets.

That was a great time to start watching Purdue football. We all know that 1995 and 1996 were slow years. By 1997 though things really started to change for the better. By 2000 Purdue was able to clinch a Rose Bowl berth in the stadium. I remember as that season was winding down listening to my friend Tony lay out the possibilities as we drove to the games. It really was a special time to be a Purdue fan. My first times on the field were after huge wins rushing the field with everyone else. The last few years have really been amazing as I have found myself on the field with my camera. The last two years I have been part of the Purdue staff covering games. Of course the virus has changed things this year. In a year when I thought I would be celebrating on the field I will have to settle for watching games on the TV. I know a couple of spots though where you can see the jumbotron very well so I may take in a game or two there so I can still hear some of the sounds of game day. I can’t imagine a year without seeing a college football game live. I have already gone this year without baseball. I will find a way to see or hear some Purdue football this year.

25 Years In Photos

Of course as a college kid I did not bring my camera to games. I can only imagine what would have been on that film. And yes I fully realize how old it makes me that I would have had to have film developed from my time at Purdue. The first real camera that made it into Ross Ade was my dads Sony Mavic in 2000. Who knew that twenty years later that I would be using Sony again on the field? Anyway here are a few images starting in the stands and then moving down onto the field.

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