Is It Safe To Come Out Yet?

Can I Come Out Now?

I think we can all relate to how this red-bellied woodpecker is thinking. After being locked down and still under restrictions I think that we all wonder when things will be back to normal. This woodpecker was just chilling as the sun set. It was a beautiful sunset so maybe it was wondering why the dumb photographer was pointing a camera at a bird instead of the sunset.

Getting The Big Glass Out

I made this image with my 600mm lens with a 2x teleconverter on it. I have not used this setup much lately. In fact it is the first time that it has been out in months. The 600mm lens definitely has a purpose. It works well in low light. For what I am doing right now though my 200-600mm lens works just fine for me. If I don’t have the light I just don’t go out. I have been thinking that the days that the 600 is in my house are numbered.

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