Protect Purdue

Protect Purdue

The slogan for the students coming back to campus is Protect Purdue. These are strange times. Walking around campus I see a mix of people both wearing and not wearing masks. I think that we are in for one heck of an experiment when 40,000 kids return to campus and this community from all over the world. It will be interesting to see just how this pledge to try and slow the virus works. If the lines of kids shoulder to shoulder ready to get into Harry’s is any indication it will not go well.

A Simple Thing

I have had a few people ask about my mask or make comments about it as I walk campus. It really is amazing to me how politicized the mask thing has become. It is a freedom taken away I have heard if someone has to put a mask on. How crazy is that? Just think of all of the things that you do day to day that the government tells you to do. The mask is the only one that is temporary. If it can help save one person isn’t it worth it? I am very biased here. I want this thing to go away so that we can get back to normal. I want to go out and photograph sports again. At the rate we are going I am starting to wonder when I will be back on a field again.

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