Back At The Celery Bog

Heading Back To The Celery Bog

After writing the blog post that went up yesterday I realized that I really need to get back out and make some nature photos. Making photos that are more landscape in nature can be fun. When the conditions all come together you get a little buzz from it. There is nothing like capturing a moment in nature though. It is the same feeling that I get when I capture a good moment from a sporting event. Who knows when those will be happening for me again so nature may have to be the substitute for a while.

Macro With A Tele

This dragonfly was hanging out near the trail so I tried my best to make a macro type image with my 200-600mm lens. It isn’t the detail of a true macro photo, but it was a cool moment while out on my walk.

The Great Blue Heron

Probably my most photographed bird at the bog is the great blue heron. I didn’t see any great moments yesterday, but it was good to have the chance again. This one really wanted a frog, but they just were not cooperating with the bird.

Oh Deer

This deer walked over to the island in the back of the bog to have a little dinner. Like a lot of the photos that I made yesterday this is not an award winning photo, but it was a cool moment from my walk.

Dinner Upside Down

Sometimes you have to eat wherever you are. This squirrel was eating upside down on the trail right next to me. It could care less that I was there. I thought that it was a good photo so I made it, but quickly moved on to let the squirrel eat.

One More Photo

I was back at the car, but I decided to take a look at the grassy area next to where I parked before leaving. I am glad that I did because this house wren was just hanging out and singing. The one more photo trick still works.

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