You’ll Be Back

Beauty At Prophetstown State Park

I rarely go to Prophetstown State Park in the summer and that needs to change. The place is beautiful. I went out just to check out some birds, but the light did not cooperate with me. I found a bird that I had never seen before, but it was just too dark to make a photo worth sharing. Some light hit the clouds that rolled in though and allowed me to make the photo above. Sometimes it is fun to just go out and make whatever is given to you.

Some Fun With Hamilton

You may have noticed some fun titles on the blog the last few days. While out watching the comet with my oldest we had some Hamilton playing to keep us occupied. A joke by me about using some of the titles for my blog turned into a challenge to do it for a week. I have written almost 4,000 blog posts since this blog started so coming up with titles can be interesting at times. Having some already written for me and just having to choose for a while was pretty fun. Everything around the play is inspiring. I read the book that inspired the play probably at the same time that Lin did. I certainly did not think of turning it into a broadway show that uses rap. That is the genius behind the whole thing. It is inspiring to think of all of the amazing things out there just waiting for their opportunity.

2 Replies to “You’ll Be Back”

  1. Lovely flowers. I haven’t read the book, but I saw Hamilton on TV and agree with all your comments. Amazing that someone can take one of the lesser known historical figures and come up with a play and all that incredible music and lyrics.

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