Farmer Refuted

An Indiana View Of The Comet

The other night as I was finishing up photographing the comet around the sports complex I realized that the corn field across the street would be a perfect Indiana foreground for the comet. I actually had the idea to do more of this, but by the time I found dark skies and corn the clouds that were creeping in here had overtaken the comet. If the skies are clear on another night with the comet I would like to experiment with some different natural foregrounds.

Corn And Indiana

When I graduated college I went on a few job interviews. When I went out to Iowa for a job that I ended up taking the driver that picked me up at the airport was told to drive me by all of the corn fields on the way to the plant where I would have my interview. The thought was that it would impress me seeing all of the corn. Of course being from Indiana I drove by just as much corn on the way to the airport to head out there.

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