Blow Us All Away


Everything Coming Together

Last night I had a great idea for a photo. I would catch the comet Neowise at the new Purdue arch on the south side of campus. Everything lined up for the space station to fly over as well. Fifteen minutes before that was to happen the lights came on all around creating way too much light pollution. I grabbed my gear and headed to the car with no idea of where I would go. I realized that the softball stadium would be oriented just right with just a few lights in the sky. As soon as I put my camera on the tripod I saw the space station start to come into view on the horizon. I had just enough time to quickly level the frame out and start the exposure as it came into frame. I barely got there, but it was worth it.

The Comet Neowise Continues To Impress

This comet is pretty great. I think that it is only great for astronomers and  photographers though. As I was on campus all excited about seeing it people were walking by probably wondering what was so special about the scene. Once I made it out to the athletic complex I was happy to try some things out. The photo of the comet and the space station was one where I had been foiled by clouds a few times already. I finally made that one. Here I was able to use my 200-600mm lens with a 1.4x teleconverter on it to get up a little closer to the comet. The spire of the baseball stadium made for a good foreground subject. This is the peak time for the comet. The time to makes photos of it is now. Who knows how much longer it will be out there. It is hard to see with your eye at first but you can find it pretty easy by looking for the big dipper in the sky. Once you have found the big dipper the comet will be below it. Have fun and get out there to see this thing before it disappears. You will have to wait a few thousand years to see it again!

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