Meet Me Inside

John Wooden Outside Of Mackey Arena

The other day I was on campus with another photographer making photos. He was making some photos of John Wooden and I was content to just watch. I thought that I had made a photo from every angle. From my spot on the side I saw this composition. I had not made this one yet. This is a weird statue to make photos of. It only looks good from certain angles. Those angles don’t always match up with the light and the background. This composition though was one that I really liked.

Will I Go Inside?

As I made this photo I couldn’t help but wonder if I will see the inside of Mackey this year? Right now it looks like that may not happen. I have no inside info, but looking at the trends and how it seems as if nobody is taking this virus seriously I don’t see basketball happening. When I last left Mackey I wrote a sappy post about saying goodbye. At the time though I had no idea how long my sports photography career would be put on hold. At this point I wonder when I will finally make sports photos again?

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