Experimentation At Slayter Hill

Trying Something New At Slayter Hill

With the full moon rising I had an idea for a photo. I wish that I had this idea a few days before this one as the sky was too dark by the time that I could line up the spire of the bandshell with the moon. The difference in light between the bandshell and the sun lit moon was too much for one exposure. I made a couple with the intention of blending them together. I ended up trying something a little different so that the moon stood out a bit more. I am not sure if I like it yet, but it was worth trying something new. This time off of work is a great time to experiment a bit. I really wish that I had used the full length of my 200-600mm lens to make the moon bigger as well as letting the moon be fully exposed with the spire just in shadow. Next time I guess.

Rolling The Zoom

At one point I was on my 24-105mm lens on a different setup making some photos of the bandshell with the sunset behind it. I had the idea to roll the zoom ring. I don’t know that I would ever sell any of these images, but I like the dreamy look that it gives the photo. There is a use for this somewhere in my sports photography. The fun part is finding out what that will be.

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