A Moonlit Night On Slayter Hill

Hanging Out On Slayter Hill For The 4th Of July

It seems like it has become tradition to hang out on Slayter Hill every year on the 4th of July. It is a great place with a great view of the fireworks. This year I went there for the moon more than the fireworks. The moon idea fizzled, but the neighborhood fireworks were fun to watch. At some point I decided to break out a second camera and tripod to make this image. I knew that it would never win any awards, but I thought that my view was a pretty good one.

Farewell Ennio

If you follow this blog then you know that I love musical scores. I have raved about John Williams and Hans Zimmer and how listening to them inspires me. One other name that is always being played is Ennio Morricone. His music was a huge part of the movies that it appeared in. The movie Once Upon A Time In The West is so much better because of his score. The main theme is amazing. The end of The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly is amazing. The final gunfight is good, but it is one of the great gunfight scenes because of the music. Just before that gunfight the song The Ecstasy of Gold is played. That has always been my favorite Morricone piece. I loved it the first time that I heard it. Then at my first Metallica concert they played it right before coming out. Two of my favorite things coming together. Ever since this sports photography thing took off I have one song that I listen to as pregame before starting work. It is The Ecstasy of Gold. That song has been played twice as much as anything else on my iTunes playlist. It might be movie perfection. The man who wrote it once described music as energy, space, and time. Ennio was a man of great energy. He was still making music until the end. In fact I was surprised to hear of his passing yesterday. He was 91 and left us with a tremendous amount of great music to remember him by. I have had Ennio on in the background as much as I have been able yesterday and today as a tribute. Farewell Maestro. The body is gone, but the beauty of his work remains.

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