Lighting Up Ross-Ade Stadium

Waiting For The Right Strike

Monday night was a fun night. Lightning was striking all over, and I was having fun trying to think of ways to show it off around campus. I quickly got off of the parking garage when it came too close. I tried a couple of photos of Mackey Arena with the Lightning over it, but the photo just was not working. I knew that this view would work, and that the odds of seeing a bolt were good. I made a couple of photos that I liked, and then was ready to pack it up and head to the athletic complex to see what I could capture there. I decided to wait out a couple of bolts before doing so. I am glad that I did as this amazing bolt happened right over the stadium from my point of view. Sometimes just having a little patience pays off.

The Ever Changing Campus

I talk a lot on this blog about how things are always changing on campus. Every photo that you make becomes historical pretty quick because something in the photo changes. Two days after I made this photo the signage outside the stadium changed. The good news is that I get another reason to go back out and improve on this photo. I have a photo of the new stadium exterior on my camera right now as I write this. I feel like I keep showing this angle of the stadium though so who knows when that one will see this blog.

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