The Purdue Clock Tower Stands Alone

Blue Hour At The Purdue Clock Tower

Last night the storm clouds were moving in just before sunset. If the clouds were are the right spot the sky would have lit up. They were just a little too fast though, and the light did not touch them. It would have been amazing. I stayed right where I was though knowing that the blue hour could be good. A little touch of color on blue clouds can look good too. I had a couple of ideas to capture this, but in the end a zoomed in look at the clock tower seemed to look the best.

Finding The Way Without Sports

It has now been a few months since I last made a sports photo. If you have followed this blog then you know how much fun sports photography can be. My sports photography path has taken me to amazing places, but this last couple of months has also shown me that I am never too far away from it all falling apart. Being a freelancer is not easy in sports photography. If you like being at home as much as I do with my little one it is even harder. Maybe finding a path through photos of campus and other things around town is the way to go. With the fall sports calendar very much up in the air right now that might be the way to go anyway.

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