30 Days Of Baseball Photos: #25 Capuano On The Bump

Capuano Pitches In The Bigs

In the early part of the century I attended a ton of South Bend Silverhawks games with my friends. I actually thought that the song Cheap Seats could have been written for us. One of those pitchers in low A at the time was Chris Capuano. We saw him pitch multiple games. From that team both Chris and Lyle Overbay were two names that I saw show up on MLB rosters for a good period of time. In 2012 I was able to see Chris pitch for the Dodgers at Wrigley. I was very happy to see this guy that I had seen so many times in the bus leagues on the bump in the show.

Faking It

As I said in an early post in this countdown. I have never photographed a Major League game in an MLB stadium. I photographed one exhibition game at Victory Field in 2016. It is a dream though so when my wife buys tickets to a game when it is just us she buys them along the wall so I can make my photos. Now with the netting this can be a little more difficult to do, but still very doable if the stadium allows you to bring your gear in. That has been a trend that they don’t allow longer lenses than 6″. You can read my old post about making photos of a Major League game from your seat here.

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