A Snowy Night At Triple X

A Snowy Night At Triple X

In February I was gassing up my car and heading home after a fun photo walk on campus. The snow had turned to smaller flakes that weren’t working well so I was going to call it a night. Of course everything changed on a dime so I drove down Salisbury to put this idea together. I saw this opportunity while driving up State Street one day, and it worked out pretty much like I thought it might. I never expected to do it on a snowy night though.

Holding A Few Photos Back

Every year I end up holding a couple of photos back for various reasons. I love to have snowy photos to post on hot summer days. Of course when the temperature is below zero I like to have photos from warm summer days to post and to look at. Well today is the day to look at a snowy photo from this past winter. I hope that it can help cool you off.

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