30 Days Of Baseball Photos: #24 Sliding Into First

Getting Back In Safely

I have already posted a photo of a player getting back into first base which is much more technically sound than this photo. The thing about this photo though is that is was made of one of my favorite Purdue players ever during a special year. Eric Charles loved to get dirty. He was that player that had a little of all of the field on his jersey after a game. Chalk, dirt, grass, it was all there. I did not have the gear or the talent at the time, but I still feel that I did my best to show that in this image.

Gear Talk

This photo was made with a Canon 60D and a Canon 75-300mm lens with a lens hood. I only mention that lens hood because I paid actual money for the three inch stub that went on the end of the lens. I thought at the time that it made me like the pros that I saw on the field with the large cameras. Looking back now I had to look ridiculous, but at the time I thought I fit right in. Getting photos for this countdown I have seen a lot of my work over the last decade or so. I love making photos, and lucky for me I get to make baseball photos. While the challenge of making photos with less than ideal gear is fun I really enjoy making photos with my current setup. I really wish that I had a chance to make baseball photos since switching to Sony.

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